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    Row house is are self-exploring. The row houses are several houses bound by a common sidewall and same structure and aesthetic. For many home buyers, who feel apartments are too compact, row houses in Lucknow may be a suitable option for them. 

    In this guide we have discuss about row houses in Lucknow, their advantages, features and amenities. If you are seeking for row houses in Lucknow then read the following guide which will assist you to know more about row houses.

    So, let’s dive into the article and get ready to buy your dream house.

    Top 10 Row houses in Lucknow:

    1. Isrealtors: 
    Isrealtors has stood as a signature of quality and commitment in Lucknow. Today it is considered as a major Real Estate Company of Lucknow.
    Isrealtors Managed by a committed team of professionals including highly experienced engineers, architects, management experts finance & legal specialists.

    They are offering a best row houses in Lucknow. Which are full of modern amenities and features. The villas also secure with modern and advance security system

    2. Yash Park City:

    Yash Park City in Lucknow is offers Row House project that compliments to your lifestyle and liking. Prominent locations are near to this project like schools, offices, hospitals, banks situated in the proximity. The project is a preferred choice for row house buyers.

    3. Starline Pamposhh Enclave

    Pamposhh Enclave is providing best row houses in most reasonable price. They some of the most conveniently designed Row House. Located in Gaurabagh, it is a residential project. Starline Pamposhh Enclave offers some of the most exclusive 2 BHK.

    4. Excella Resotico:

    Excella Resotico has row houses or villas at Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow. This is the most demanded locality for those who wants to invest in future perspectives too.

    In Lucknow, demand for row houses is continually growing up. Also many row house projects develop along with well-known schools, colleges, medical centers, shopping malls. The amenities are available such as 24Hrs Backup Electricity, Badminton Court, Basket Ball Court, Billiards, and CCTV.

    5. Eldeco Samridhi Villas:

    Eldeco Samridhi Villas in Lucknow offered with all modern features required for a contemporary lifestyle. These Row houses in Lucknow flaunts a resort like environment. Eldeco Samridhi ensures the privacy and exclusivity to its row house projects.

    6. Viraj BBD Green City Lotus Enclave: 

    The row houses or villas are beautifully crafted by Viraj Constructions Pvt. Ltd. It is a high-class locality in Lucknow having all the amenities and basic needs within easy to reach. It makes modern Villas with all the high-end, contemporary interior fittings.

    7. VJ DH2 City: 

    VJ DH2 City is an exclusive reliable and impeccably planned row house project in Lucknow where all the residents are within easy walking distance. They develop the ultra-luxurious Villas with the finest textures and finishes. Outstanding outdoor and indoor spaces, parks, sports facilities and super-marts all a short walk away fulfil the best living experience.              

    8. Sahara Enclave Grace:

    Sahara Enclave offers row houses with plenty of benefits like prime location, comfortable and lavish lifestyle, great amenities, and healthy surroundings.

    This row house project is strategically located and provides direct connecting to near to all other major points in and around Lucknow with easy access to schools, shopping areas, hospitals, recreational areas, public gardens and other public amenities.

    9. Swapnil Saubhagya Phase I:

    This row house project comprises of ultra-luxurious Row Houses with the finest textures and finishes. Outstanding outdoor and indoor spaces, parks, sports facilities and super-marts all are at walking distance.

    10. Green Paradise:

    Green Paradise provides a Ready to Move project. They offers some of the most conveniently designed Row House. They ensures a coveted lifestyle and offers a convenient living. It offers facilities such as Power Backup the row houses with all modern amenities and features.

    Benefits of row houses:

    Economical yet spacious:
    While row houses can be a bit expensive than apartments, they are definitely way cheaper than villas. Also, you save a lot on the exterior and interior design as most of these houses come with an inbuilt design plan.  Thereby, you will be getting an economic range of homes that is as classy as an apartment and as spacious as a villa.

    Gives you all the privacy that you need:
    In row houses, you can be attached or detached with your neighbors according to your preferences when you are living in row houses. You need not be sharing your waterline, garden, or terrace with your neighbors or anyone.

    Enjoy living in multi storey home:
    When you are living in row houses you get to experience living in a villa with second and third floors.

    Multiple floors allow you to separate the dining and living areas from the bedroom and office. 

    The best thing about the multiple floors is that when you are working, you will no need to bother by the activities of the other members in the family. So it will maintain a great amount of privacy within the house.

    Row houses offer same safety features as independent house. Nowadays developers also offer advance layer of security with the option of installing modern security and home automation systems. 


    Things to Remember While Investing in a Row House

    Here are a few key points to keep in mind if you are planning to buy a row house:


    Location is the very first thing to consider while buying row house. Make sure that the row house you are planning to buy is near the city’s important amenities and prominent locations like schools, office, convenience stores, gyms and health centres.


    The cost of row house is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when buying a new row house. You should decide your budget first and then the location and size. Be wise, and don’t break your budget try to find out in same budget. 



    The space is also one of the primary consideration when buying row house. By space, it doesn’t mean that you should invest in a large space but it is important to make perfect balance of space. However, it should not look and feel like compact and congested as you will live there for years.


    It is important to make sure about safety while buying a row house. Either you can buy a modern and independent security system for your row house. The the security system with technological advancements and CCTV cameras can be installed when there is a chance of intrusion.


    The main advantage of row houses is that they give enough flexibility for modifications and amendments. If you want to modify your row house after some year it can easily manageable without troubling your neighbours.

    Growing popularity of row house projects:

    A row house also called as a townhouse, row house is a type of residential housing that shares common walls with adjacent properties. 

    In Lucknow row houses are typically part of a larger housing layout. Row house offers a blend of apartment like living in individual home features. 

    Let’s focus on some key characteristics which are helping to grow the popularity of row houses in Lucknow:

    Common Facilities: In row house projects, you can find common amenities like shared parking area, garden, and security services. These shared facilities can enhance the overall living experience of row houses.

    Urban and Suburban Locations: Row houses are available in both urban and suburban areas across Lucknow. Row houses are the ideal choice for peoples who want to live in a community and also prefer more space and privacy like apartments offer.

    Shared Walls: Row houses are designed like a way that they share one or more walls with neighbouring houses. It is a common wall between two row houses. This shared wall design optimizes space and allows multiple homes to build in a row.

    Individual Entrances: Every single row house has its own entrance, which looks for directly from the exterior like a standalone house. Individual entrance provides residence a sense of privacy and independence.


    In Conclusion, We have discuss about the top 10 row house projects in Lucknow, benefits , its key consideration and how row houses are growing popularity in Lucknow. 

    The row houses are in high demand nowadays because its features and characteristics. If you are seeking to buy a row house in Lucknow visit one of the top 10 project in Lucknow and buy your dream home with a pleasure.